Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bedtime routine and how much sleep does a child need?

hello everyone..! happy Wednesday...

lets talk about sleeping...

Sleep is an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep: we rest, and our body is able to renew its energy.

There's increasing evidence that sleep is related to laying down long-term memories, and good sleep is important for school success.
Sleeping well is often a result of having good sleeping habits, which parents are responsible for teaching to their children.
what's on your mind,baby?
how much sleep does a child need?
Your child's sleeping pattern – whether or not they sleep and for how long – affects the entire family. This is why good sleeping habits and rules about bedtime are important.
How much sleep a child needs depends on the individual.
You may have a very active child, who doesn't need much sleep. Trying to change a child's sleep patterns to what somebody else claims is 'normal' will only cause trouble.

What is a bedtime routine?

It's doing the same things, in the same order, at the same time every day – just before going to bed. A routine that lasts 15 to 30 minutes is best. Below is an example.
  1. Let your child calm down by playing a quiet game together.-like what  i did with my son,we playing with torchlight+making a shadow for a few minute.its fun..!
  2. Let your child choose what pyjamas to wear.
  3. Get them to brush their teeth and go to the toilet.-lil'Thanel know his routine and do by himself,but of course still under my supervision.
  4. Listen to some soft music.
  5. Read or tell a story.usually, i asking him what he did at school on that day.and,amazingly..he can tell me the cutest story ever..!
  6. Tuck your child in with their blanket, teddy bear or some other thing that makes them feel secure.
p/s,so mommies..what is your child bedtime routine?


mummy_ayu said...

my sleeping routine for Ian & Iris..usually....after dinner..diaorang layan cartoon jab..kasi susu...diaorang leka & laan cartoon..zzzz...

Izan Ishak said...

bila anak2 semuanya dah start skolah... mmg rutin tidur paling awal 9 malam. kalau paling lewat pun 11 mlm...itupun kalau masa tu pegi keluar mana2 kan.

mommyYen said...

ekeke..cute kan mommy,my thanel pun kdg2 layan katun je..dah cara lain kurang bkesan..layan kan je la kan..

izan:thanel tahu jam 930pm dia mesti nak ajak g berus gg..pas tu tido..

rasa nya diorang otomatikly akan tidur sbb dah letih bermain kan ibu..

eB ezrin said...

eB pn sm ngan ayu...
sbenarnyer, bkn aerish n aed jerk g2.. mama drg gaks.. ;p

Mumyshane Qeisha said...

shane awal dh tnduk dia2, qeisha 9pm.

Kak Imun said...

Hello, momyYen. Klu cuti skola, anak2 kak lambat tidur dan lambat jg bangun tp time skola diorang awal tidur dan awal bangun. Kak juga yg bjaga sampai larut malam tp awal bangun, hehe.....